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The Warrenton Pony Show Junior Committee, in conjunction with the Senior Board, assumes total responsibility for the organization, management, promotion and operation of The Warrenton Pony Show, the Oldest Pony Show in America. The mission of the Senior Board is to mentor junior equestrian enthusiasts by giving them purpose, responsibility and ownership of the show, and the mission of the Junior Committee is to organize a show that celebrates the beauty and athleticism of horses and ponies, while promoting sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership and charitable giving among young equestrians.


In 1920, a group of Warrenton children who were inspired by the success of the labor-day-weekend tradition of the Warrenton Horse show, decided to stage a show of their own to be held during their summer break.

The children set their class schedule, hired judges, solicited sponsorships to finance projects, and handmade posters to hang throughout the area to promote the show. From all accounts it was a great event. Nearly 100 years later it is still much the same.

A junior committee, under 18 years of age, is still responsible for the success of the show. With the guidance of a senior board, the children are involved in all aspects of putting on a modern horse show, while maintaining the traditions of a historic event.

The Warrenton Pony show is a unique event in that it is the only A rated (by the United States Equestrian Federation) horse show run by a junior committee.

The show helps to instill the importance of responsibility and community service to the hard-working group of children.  Learning to organize, fund raise, promote, and put on a fun event, while giving back to the community with a portion of the proceeds, is each year’s goal.  

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Dawn Kohland

"What a great show! Everyone was so helpful and friendly. We only showed one day but I thought it was awesome we were provided lunch. The food was delicious. It really made you feel that you appreciated we attended. Well done!"

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Before Show -

PO BOX 794 

Warrenton, VA 20188

Tommy Lee Jones



Tuesday June 25: Schooling Day

During Show-

60 E Shirley Ave

Warrenton, VA 20186

Wednesday June 26 - Sunday June 30: Horse Show Days

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